2020 to 2021: Year of Challenges and Transformation

2020 will be remembered as a bad year, changing our lives and the way we communicate and interact in society. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will be a topic to talk about for a long time, the deferred or cancelled projects, the long nights of health personnel, and the irreparable losses for many families, but also, people will remember solidarity, resistance and innovation.

Even in dark times, colourful stories can be told, experiences that bring humanity back to us, examples of survival and evolution, because there is nothing more constant than change and how we adapt to it.

With positivism, we bid goodbye to hard-hitting 2020 and looking forward to 2021 as an opportunity for overcoming the loss and for growth and development.

As Hotel seascape is setting off for a journey in hospitality, we would like to celebrate humankind for not giving up to the trenchant attack of Covid-19. As we are going for a resurgence after the Covid outbreak, we are trying to emerge out of this epidemic. We fell but we are also fighting to rise. What brave spirit humankind is showing!

We, at Hotel Seascape, is sincerely following the Covid guidelines and implementing the necessary cautions to enforce safety in our hotel to guarantee the well-being of our guests. We are training our team to face the challenges of the new normal.

We also would like to reaffirm our commitment to protecting the environment by promoting sustainable initiatives in our hotel.

As we move forward with our journey of offering you a delightful experience of Digha, we would like your support and strength to better ourselves.

And because there’s always light in the dark, here is our toast for new hope, a new beginning!


Mentioning Digha, evokes the images of bright sun, warm white sands and tranquil sea. It could not be otherwise: located at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal, it has a low gradient with a shallow sand beach and is the favorites of thousands of travelers who each year choose Digha as a destination for a tropical vacation.

Hotel Seascape in New Digha will be your perfect partner while exploring Digha. We come equipped with all the amenities and services to give you the stress-free, relaxed holiday you desire. Being operational in the middle of the pandemic, we are very carefully following the necessary Covid protocols. After staying indoors unexpectedly for months, if you want the sea breeze, the soothing sound of the sea or finger-licking dishes, Hotel Seascape is at your service.

Let’s enjoy the authentic flavors of Bengal:

The “aloo bhaja” or the ultra-crispy potato fry is pretty famous in Bengal and that is just one name in the food ocean that Bengal has to offer. In our hotel, each of these delicacies shows the true soul of Digha and Bengal. Not only that: they are recipes made with love, thinking of you, taking care of every detail. If you enjoy them, if you remember them or if you return to Hotel Seascape to repeat them, then we will be more than satisfied.

With Seascape, you can enjoy the bona fide Bengali delicacies that are highly appreciated for their versatility and exquisite flavours like various traditional fish items as Ilish or Hilsa, Bhetki, Pomfret, Katla and many more. While in Digha dig into the fish items at Hotel seascape. After all, it’s a coastal town. Continental and Chinese are also available at the Hotel. From healthy breakfast to kick start your day to mouthwatering starters to make your time more enjoyable with friends and family, Hotel Seascape has a wide range of food choices.

However, Hotel Seascape has more choices to offer. Have a calming time with your loved ones or with yourself at our terrace garden. With the special charm and the cosy theme of our Terrace, enjoy your time at our bar with a wide variety of drinks and cocktails.

After a day full of exploring and adventures, take a dip in the pristine pool of Hotel Seascape. Surrounded by lush greenery and maintained very nicely, the swim is sure to take away all your stress and exhaustion of the day.

We Hotel Seascape welcome you to plan your trip to Digha with us. And we will make sure that you will have a relaxed, recharged trip filled with lots of memories with a little Seascape touch.

Connectivity and Activities in Digha: your queries, our answers

For those looking for the sea breeze, Digha is your place. One of the most characterful little town of West Bengal, located about 187 kilometres from Kolkata. While in Digha, staying at the Hotel Seascape is the best option to be close to all the major tourist attractions of this delightful town. 

To those inquisitive people, let’s see what we can enjoy doing in this coastal town and how to reach Digha.

What to do :

Shopping – Digha is famous for various handicrafts and ornaments made of seashells. That comes at a cheap price when bargaining properly. There are many markets like BatTola Market, Khanika Market, Nehru Market etc. and for shopping Old Digha is the best place.

Water Sports – Many types of adventure sports can be enjoyed on the Beach like water skiing, snorkelling, para-sailing and many more. The beach of Digha has stretched around 23km so you can plan for other sports like volley, kabaddi, Cricket and even football and it comes free. You can try Horse riding on the beach and this is fun.

Others – After enjoying the sea for a long time, a rat will rumble in your stomach and Digha is also famous for different sea fishes. So there have many places and many choices available to satisfy your Gastro Instinct. Fishermen sell fresh fishes on the beach in the early morning or you can try buying fish from the fish market of the Mohona area. Early morning on the beach, you can find Date juice (Khejur Rosh) and palm juice sellers, so you can also try these. The new attraction of Digha is Ropeway/Cable car so you can try this with your family and friends.

How to reach :

By Road
Digha is very well connected to Kolkata and from Esplanade, Kolkata there are bus services in the early morning to reach there. Digha is 187 km from Kolkata. It takes around 4-5 hours by bus to reach Digha from Kolkata. West Bengal State Road Transport Corporation (WBSRTC) and some private travel services connect Digha from Kolkata. Digha bus stand is near to the market of Old Digha.

By Air
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata is the nearest airport to Digha.

By Train
The train is another option for Digha and trains are available daily from Howrah. One thing keeps in mind the station is situated in the middle of New Digha and Old Digha.

Serene beaches, picturesque locations, fun-filled holidays and mouthwatering delicacies, you have all the reasons to explore Digha with Hotel Seascape.

Ten experiences to discover Digha (+ Bonus)

Digha is the most famous seaside resort town in the state of West Bengal, situated only 187 kilometres away from the capital of the state, Kolkata.  The sunrise and sunset reflecting off the misty blue water of the Bay of Bengal offer the most picturesque view. Spending time at Hotel Seascape with family or loved ones, Digha is the best place to create memories.

Over the years, Digha has improved hugely. Nowadays that’s becoming overwhelming with the growing popularity of this beautiful place throughout the year, especially on weekends. If you want to stay in silence and enjoy the beauty of the place then look nowhere else. For peace, tranquility and luxury we Hotel Seascape is here.

Places to see in Digha: – 

  1. Marine Aquarium and Research Center
    Marine Aquarium and Research Center (MARC) is must watch the place. It is the largest inbuilt marine aquarium in the country; it was inaugurated on 4th February 2003. The aquarium has 24 big sized marine tanks and 8 freshwater tanks. Ideal for a visit with children!
  2. Temple of Lord Shiva
    This temple is a century-old temple and just 8km away from Digha. This temple is situated on the border of Bengal and Orissa. If anybody wants a spiritual break, this is the best place around Digha.
  3. Udaypur Beach
    If you want to spend time in peace or enjoy the sea and roam around in the casuarina jungle than Udaypur beach is the best place for you. To reach Udaypur Beach Cars are available from Old Digha Stand.
  4. Amarabati Park
    Among the several tourist places to visit in Digha, explore this verdant, well-maintained park amid this seaside town for a little quiet.
  5. New Digha Sea Beach
    New Digha Sea Beach is known for its huge expanse, easy accessibility, and less crowd, which is why tourists like it so much. The sea starts approximately a mile off this beach dotted with casuarina trees that are a feast for your eyes.
  6. Digha Gate
    An entrance to the small coastal town, the gate was constructed on the National Highway 116B in Digha, close to the Bay of Bengal. A sight to behold, Digha Gate looks even more beautiful when lit up during the night.
  7. Digha Mohona Watch Point
    Among the tourist places to visit in Digha, Mohona Watch Point is the confluence of River Champa and the great Bay of Bengal. It offers stunning views of the sunrise as well as that of the surroundings.
  8. Talasari Beach
    The spectacular beach greets you the river banks of the Subarnarekha River which finally flows into the Bay of Bengal. Here, you can witness some of the most untouched beaches which will enchant you with palm trees, coconut trees and cashew trees adorning the coastline.
  9. Digha Science Centre & National Science Camp
    The key attractions of this place are fun and life science, galleries on reflections, 3D theatre, Jurassic park with light and sound, the national science camp, and the Science Park. Furthermore, to add to the enjoyment, the Science Centre has numerous activities such as nature study on the butterfly, Yoga day, science quiz, science fair, vacation hobby camp, workshops on coastal water pollution, and more that you can become a part of.
  10. Wonderland Kajal Dighi
    Wonderland Kajal Dighi is among the popular places to visit in Digha for people of all age groups. The major attraction of this place is the model toy train, along with the numerous swings and slides that can be enjoyed by your little ones.

Now that you know all the major attractions to explore, what are you waiting for? Visit us at www.hotelseascape.com and let’s create memories together!

Delightful Digha experience: living Digha through Hotel Seascape

An extended weekend holiday always leaves us in good spirit. We do not just wish to be indoors and there isn’t a long time enough for a long outing. So what are we waiting for? Let’s have our fix!

Declared as the “Brighton of the East” Digha is the most popular sea beach and tourist spot in West Bengal. Accessible by a host of daily trains from Kolkata, along with buses, tourist vans and cars, motorcycling all the way to Digha is fast becoming popular. It won’t be long before the blue sea beach of Digha is visible before the eyes.

 It is known as Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of Bengal loved Digha (or Beerkul as it was known) like most of the English officers stationed in Calcutta and described it as “Brighton of the East” in a letter to his wife. Still today Digha remains the most popular eastern seaside town for tourists.

So don’t hold back your wish to visit the beautiful town of Digha and plan your holidays with Hotel Seascape. Equipped with all the modern amenities and luxury, Hotel Seascape can make your trip memorable. One can spend the days just lazing at the seaside or can take a short trip around too. Other than the sea beaches there are also little look-around places in Digha. There is a very old church which is famous in Digha, located near the Alankarpur Digha near Old Digha Main gate. Subarnarekha river banks are fast becoming popular and can be explored as well. The morning local fish market is pretty lively and makes amazing photo walks.

The mesmerizing sea, the beaches and the tourist attractions can be your perfect excuse you need to visit Digha. Dress up with a high spirit, a smile loaded with light and put on your travelling shoes. Come, live “Brighton of the East”.

Our Commitment to Safe Holidays

We are actively working with our Holiday Partners to maintain the safety measures for providing you with a risk-free vacation.

Availability of Protection Gear

Ensuring availability of sanitizers, masks & gloves during commute and at hotels.

Sanitized Premises

Thoroughly sanitized commute Vehicles, Hotel rooms and premises.

Social Distancing Measures

Maintaining social distancing measures at hotel premises like restaurants, bars, lobby areas, etc.

Regular Temperature Checks

Regular screening of Hotel Staff, Guests, Drivers and Guides.