Mentioning Digha, evokes the images of bright sun, warm white sands and tranquil sea. It could not be otherwise: located at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal, it has a low gradient with a shallow sand beach and is the favorites of thousands of travelers who each year choose Digha as a destination for a tropical vacation.

Hotel Seascape in New Digha will be your perfect partner while exploring Digha. We come equipped with all the amenities and services to give you the stress-free, relaxed holiday you desire. Being operational in the middle of the pandemic, we are very carefully following the necessary Covid protocols. After staying indoors unexpectedly for months, if you want the sea breeze, the soothing sound of the sea or finger-licking dishes, Hotel Seascape is at your service.

Let’s enjoy the authentic flavors of Bengal:

The “aloo bhaja” or the ultra-crispy potato fry is pretty famous in Bengal and that is just one name in the food ocean that Bengal has to offer. In our hotel, each of these delicacies shows the true soul of Digha and Bengal. Not only that: they are recipes made with love, thinking of you, taking care of every detail. If you enjoy them, if you remember them or if you return to Hotel Seascape to repeat them, then we will be more than satisfied.

With Seascape, you can enjoy the bona fide Bengali delicacies that are highly appreciated for their versatility and exquisite flavours like various traditional fish items as Ilish or Hilsa, Bhetki, Pomfret, Katla and many more. While in Digha dig into the fish items at Hotel seascape. After all, it’s a coastal town. Continental and Chinese are also available at the Hotel. From healthy breakfast to kick start your day to mouthwatering starters to make your time more enjoyable with friends and family, Hotel Seascape has a wide range of food choices.

However, Hotel Seascape has more choices to offer. Have a calming time with your loved ones or with yourself at our terrace garden. With the special charm and the cosy theme of our Terrace, enjoy your time at our bar with a wide variety of drinks and cocktails.

After a day full of exploring and adventures, take a dip in the pristine pool of Hotel Seascape. Surrounded by lush greenery and maintained very nicely, the swim is sure to take away all your stress and exhaustion of the day.

We Hotel Seascape welcome you to plan your trip to Digha with us. And we will make sure that you will have a relaxed, recharged trip filled with lots of memories with a little Seascape touch.

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