2020 to 2021: Year of Challenges and Transformation

2020 will be remembered as a bad year, changing our lives and the way we communicate and interact in society. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will be a topic to talk about for a long time, the deferred or cancelled projects, the long nights of health personnel, and the irreparable losses for many families, but also, people will remember solidarity, resistance and innovation.

Even in dark times, colourful stories can be told, experiences that bring humanity back to us, examples of survival and evolution, because there is nothing more constant than change and how we adapt to it.

With positivism, we bid goodbye to hard-hitting 2020 and looking forward to 2021 as an opportunity for overcoming the loss and for growth and development.

As Hotel seascape is setting off for a journey in hospitality, we would like to celebrate humankind for not giving up to the trenchant attack of Covid-19. As we are going for a resurgence after the Covid outbreak, we are trying to emerge out of this epidemic. We fell but we are also fighting to rise. What brave spirit humankind is showing!

We, at Hotel Seascape, is sincerely following the Covid guidelines and implementing the necessary cautions to enforce safety in our hotel to guarantee the well-being of our guests. We are training our team to face the challenges of the new normal.

We also would like to reaffirm our commitment to protecting the environment by promoting sustainable initiatives in our hotel.

As we move forward with our journey of offering you a delightful experience of Digha, we would like your support and strength to better ourselves.

And because there’s always light in the dark, here is our toast for new hope, a new beginning!

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